Inoculating Intensity

by Rich Murphy

The path to sincerity choreographed

with punchlines waits for convergent noses.


Guffaws pull out stingers from the blows

that day and night introduce to cheeks.



Donald Trump’s Birdfeeder

by Paul Sanderson

I’m going to send Donald Trump a birdfeeder.

You might picture it in the window of this photograph,

Possibly with a Peterson’s Field Guide placed usefully on the Resolute Desk.

I won’t labor the President with any lectures on ornithology

Or science or adaptations and the like,

Since he wouldn’t likely listen to me.

I’ll only ask him to keep the feeder filled

With a nice mix of sunflower seeds and millet.

The chickadees and titmice will be appreciative

I’m sure.


Poetry Review / Body Politic by Rich Murphy


Prolific Press Inc. / 2016 

ISBN: 978-1632750846

Language and politics have a symbiotic relationship in strange and creative ways. George Orwell knew this when he wrote about the language of politics and what that language does for our society. In Orwell’s Politics and the English Language, he spoke about dead metaphors, pretentious diction, and meaningless words. (more…)

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EPA Lament

By Paul Sanderson 2/19/2017

Do not steal the air from me
I could not bear such poverty
And fill again the pristine sky
With dirt and soot that stings the eye.
The earth our home we must not foul
I long to hear coyote’s howl
We share it all with birds and beast
The giant whales and microbes least.
The streams and lakes and oceans wide
The care of which we must abide
This is our home from which we came
To spoil it now will be our shame.

Between The Lines

by Simon Ensor

excerpts from Between the Line by Simon Ensor posted on his blog Touches of Sense: Notes on technology, learning languages, and life.

Between the lines…

For reasons which are beyond me, last night I found nothing better to do than to do a bit of colouring.

I started off with that fine educational philanthropist Betsy Devos.

I wanted to find a way of turning an image of her into a page from a colouring book. I found a solution with Prisma. I then went to town with Paper 53 as my coloured pencil case and followed it up with superimpositions with Fused.




Common Sense – A Modern Interpretation

By Sanderson Tattersall

“These are the times that try men’s souls.”

Thomas Paine, The American Crisis

“Common Sense”, written in 1776 by Thomas Paine, was a powerful and rousing essay supporting the Idea for American Independence from England. According to, this pamphlet was so popular that as a percentage of the population, it was read by or read to more people than today watch the Super Bowl.

While “Common Sense – A Modern Interpretation” does not advocate revolution, It does suggest that a return to Common sense is imperative in the modern era of Trump.  Never before, in the history of the United States, have we had a leader so at odds the idea of common sense.  These are indeed dangerous times.


The Finders’ Keepers by Troy Zaushny


“The Finders’ Keepers” woodcut on fabric. 48″ x 108″

by artist Troy Zaushny

“The Finder’s Keepers” depicts catlike, vampiric creatur16522000_10211699288535216_61543357_nes toying with 52 images of Jesus based on famous historic paintings of the Lamentation of Christ. The piece was about manipulation and misuse of a martyr’s image, or the life works of a visionary by those who seek only power.

At the time of its creation, I was living in downtown Memphis Tennessee.  Rents had just doubled, artists, including myself were now fleeing the area where they once flocked to. Friends and fellow artists Reed and Ellis Chappell where being pressured to sell their building (they owned for 20 years) to the National Civil Rights Museum. This museum was no stranger to evicting people from their homes, as it was built within the Lorain Motel where Martin Luther King was shot. Prior to the creation of the museum, it served as low-income housing. These people had to go….


Remember the Unremembered

by Ron Samul 

Born from this new administration of “alternative fact” (lies) and the disclaimer that everything we don’t want to believe to be true is “fake news” has set the stage for some very powerful satire. This week, with the slip of a tongue, we actually discussed the Bowling Green Massacre that was mentioned by Kellyanne Conway during an interview. Just to be clear, there was no massacre. None.  16468759_10155011090922888_1269605346_n

As reported in the New York Times, advisor to the president, Kellyanne Conway mentioned, in defense of the immigration ban, that Iraqi refugees were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre. Simply put, this was not a massacre. It was the capture of two Iraqi citizens who lived in the United States who were attempting “to send weapons and money to Al Qaeda in Iraq with the aim of killing American soldiers there.” They both pled guilty and were imprisoned. No massacre.


Mr. Trump Rapes the World

Mr. Trump rapes a beautiful woman but he’s not sure which one.

For that matter which mattress he’s fucking on. It is dark, really dark.

He thinks of his wife, but he’s not sure which one. The floor to ceiling

windows slice them in from an orange night fog, cut them from the New

York City sky, or maybe it is Moscow, or maybe, Las Vegas, or maybe, D.C..